New Kitchen and Laundry room – Rustenburg

10-day project

A wonderful house now transformed into a stunning home with a new kitchen and laundry room.

This project included:

  • Removal of old kitchen

  • New kitchen

  • New laundry room

  • New storage room

  • New built in cabinet

  • 1 new vanity

  • New splash back

  • Floor tiling

  • New granite top

  • New electric sockets

  • Installation of a new mixer and sink

  • New led lights

  • New cornices

  • New wall cladding

  • Plumbing

  • Painting

Another stunning home transformation that included complete removal of the old kitchen and the installation of a new kitchen, laundry room, storage room, vanity and a built-in cabinet.  The owners of this property loved their home but wanted to make it better suited to their needs and their design preference. To get the most out of their house, they contacted us.

European Carpenter worked closely with the property owners to understand what changes they needed to be made in their home, then the design team set to work to bring this vision to life. With the design agreed, European Carpenter began work.  Completed in just 10 days, this project began with the complete removal of the old kitchen, with a blank canvas they then installed a brand-new kitchen, including electric sockets, a mixer and sink, a new splashback and a granite worksurface. They then added a new laundry room, a vanity, a storage room, and a built-in cabinet, to create the extra storage solutions the owners needed and the changes they wanted. This was finished with tiling, new cornices, wall cladding and paintwork.

The team at European Carpenter completed all electrical, plumbing, lighting and tiling work, in house and within the deadline given.  Having the ability to undertake all the work meant that no work was out-sourced, there were no time delays or additional services to pay for, instead the process was quick and simple for the home owners.

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