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Customised Inspired Living Spaces

The European Carpenter is a living space architect. We offering locally designed and manufactured living spaces. They are ranging from kitchens and bathrooms to bedrooms. The core focus is on quality and functionality, ensuring an inspired living space environment.

The company was founded in 2009 by Mike Weigl. Mike has over 30 years carpentry experience having practiced his trade in South Africa as well as in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. His intention when founding the company being, to produce high quality custom designed living spaces. Spaces that meet the functional demands of inspired living, that takes your budget constraints into account. And so he has founded The European Carpenter Johannesburg.


Our Story

In 2009, Mike had a vision offering a different approach to the then standard perspective on living spaces in South Africa. At that time everyone was using standardized mass produced elements that lacked quality.

Therefore, Mike chose to ensure that each living space design was not only customized and functional, but also built to perfection. In addition, unlike other service providers, Mike wanted to offer a one stop solution for living space renovations. Solution which included building alterations to kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Solution ranging from tiling, paving, brick work, plastering, painting, electrical to plumbing. Thus taking the hassle out of project managing multi contractors when it comes to your renovations.

What Makes The European Carpenter Johannesburg Different?

Living Spaces mean different things to different people.

The European Carpenter understands that everyone is individual. That each of them has his or her own individual needs and inspirations (personality). Mike and our experienced interior designer create inspired customized living spaces that reflect the mood and style of each home and that of its owners. European Carpenter Johannesburg uses only quality products and passion, transferring the smallest of budgets into inspired master pieces.

The European Carpenter is one of the very few leading designers, manufacturers and installers of living spaces that offers a complete  turnkey solution. This solution includes building alterations, electrical and plumbing services. Simply put, the European Carpenter is your one stop living space architect that delivers perfection in everything we do.

Our inspired living spaces are designed with the assistance of an interior decorator. Which are then transformed into 3D renderings, using the latest computer-aided-design (CAD) technology. Then they manufactured to the highest standards, using only first grade materials and components. As a result, we are able to offer a five year workmanship, as well as a 1 to 5 year guarantee on hinges and runners. When it comes to quality, The European Carpenter Johannesburg believe in no compromises.

We also believe in a professional approach to personalised service. From the moment you meet Mike and his team, to signing off your 3D renderings, to signing off on your installation, you will be inspired and have total peace of mind during the entire process. From its start to completion.

So when it comes to Inspired Customised Living Spaces, there is truly only one choice – European Carpenter

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