Adding scullery room to your kitchen.

Today’s kitchens must serve as more than just a place to cook. By adding a scullery room to your kitchen means, the main kitchen can remain practical and easy to cook in. While the messiest parts may be kept away, when family and friends come over, and the kitchen becomes your social room.

Sculleries and butler’s pantries were always linked with luxury kitchens, but they’re now one of the hottest trends in bespoke kitchen and home design. The scullery room to your kitchen will also allow you to expand your kitchen’s capacity to accommodate cooking for a crowd. This is awesome for entertaining, but it’s also great for larger families or having extended family over for meals on a regular basis. Alternatively, it can be ideal for couples who both enjoy cooking but require their own space to do it.

We’ve done the research and found these tips to help you add the perfect scullery space to your kitchen, based on our years of experience:

Bench space

While designing a scullery, bench space is an absolute must-have! This not only helps with food preparation and storing common household gadgets, but it may also serve as a landing zone for groceries before you start unpacking. Benchtops, as we all know, can be costly, therefore for the scullery, we recommend shortening the depth of the benchtop, which can save you thousands of Rands!

Don’t forget about the electrical

If you’re anything like us, and you don’t know what to do with all of your appliances, a scullery could be the best solution. Keeping these goods in the cupboards takes up room that may be better used for crockery, pots and pans, and other small appliances. Instead of putting these everyday items away after each use, why not keep them on the scullery bench top, so they are constantly ready to use? The most significant thing to remember here is to determine the total number of appliances you think you’ll be able to run and then add a couple more! In a kitchen, you can never have too many power points for all appliances in the kitchen.

Increase the number of sinks

If your kitchen has already a sink, why not add another sink to the scullery room? Because the scullery can hold all of your essential culinary supplies, it’s only natural to have a sink for washing dishes and to keep the surfaces clean.

European Carpenter recommends you installing a deep, wide sink in your scullery and keeping the kitchen sink smaller and more stylish. When cleaning oven trays, large pans, and other dirty appliances, larger sinks are significantly more practical and keep the mess out of the kitchen.


The key to having the ideal scullery room is to make sure your work area is always convenient for you. Installing open shelves allows you to easily look around, stroll in, and get what you require. To make the most of your space, we, as kitchen cabinets Johannesburg specialists, recommend running shelves all the way to the ceiling. These shelves, while not always simple to reach, can be utilized to store items you rarely use but want on hand in case of a need.

Scullery Kitchen
Scullery Kitchen Room

Designing ideas for the scullery room

  • As with any interior design endeavour, you should consider the available space. Is there a lot of natural light in the room? If you don’t have access to a window, you’ll need to rely on artificial lighting.
  • Task lighting can be added to ambient ceiling light by placing LEDs under wall shelves or in cupboards. Motion sensor lighting may be the most practical option if your scullery is no more than a glorified storage cupboard.
  • Consider whether you want your scullery to be a continuation of your kitchen, in which case the two spaces’ materials and finishes should be similar. Keep the same flooring, colours, and styling in both rooms if consistency is important.
  • Designing a separate scullery, on the other hand, may provide an opportunity to incorporate more colour or quirkiness than you might feel comfortable doing in the main kitchen area.

Many of our designs can simply be modified to accommodate a scullery room to your kitchen if one isn’t already included. Contact European Carpenter for the best plans to add a scullery room to your kitchen and see which one best meets your needs.

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