Cabinet Transformation – Bryanston, Johannesburg

2-week project

European Carpenter Custom Cabinets project in Bryanston included:

  • 2x Walk in Cabinet
  • 2x Built in Cabinet
  • 2x Built in Corner Cabinet

Bar Transformation – Bryanston, Johannesburg

3-week project

European Carpenter Custom Bar project in Bryanston, Johannesburg included:

  • Steel construction for new Ceiling
  • New Ceiling
  • Bar bulkhead
  • Electrical work ( new plugs, new switchers, new DB Box, new Downlights, connect new geyser)
  • Plumbing (connect a sink, mixer, dishwasher)
  • New Rhinolite
  • New plastering
  • New cornices
  • Painting
  • Tiling
  • Preparation for gas fire place

Carpentry Work – Bryanston, Johannesburg

3-week project

Carpentry project in Bryanston included:

  • New Bar
  • Bar Furniture
  • Self-Catering Furniture
  • TV Unit
  • Granite Top

Wanting cabinetry, carpentry, plumbing and electrical work completing, the owners of this stunning property turned to the vastly experienced European Carpenter.  After explaining what they wanted to achieve, more storage options, a different style to the home, additions to the house and even a change in furniture, European Carpenter set to work.  After creating a design that incorporated everything the home owners wanted, above their expectations, the diverse European Carpenter team began working to bring this design into life.

Cabinetry work took a total of two weeks and included the design and installation of two walk-in cabinets, two built-in storage cabinets and another two built-in corner cabinets.  To create the custom-designed bar for the property, the well-rounded team erected a steel construction for the new ceiling, later adding the ceiling.  They installed a bar bulkhead and completed all electrical and plumbing work, so that the bar had plenty of plugs, switches and a sink, mixer and dishwasher.   To complete the design, they added new rhinolite, plastering, cornices and tiling, they painted and prepared the space for a gas fireplace. The finishing touches included the new bar being installed, bar furniture made, self0catering furniture, a tv unit and a granite top.  All of which took three weeks for completion.

The customer wanted cabinets and a new bar, they received a refreshing make-over for their home that included custom carpentry services. With all work completed in-house, it was smooth-running an problem-free, completed within the deadline, to provide the customer with ultimate satisfaction.

Cabinet Transformation

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