Bathroom Redesign Help: a complete guide for a bathroom renovation

Things to consider before your bathroom renovation

Don’t jump straight into buying things, take your time and make sure you do it right. After all, your new bathroom will last you for years to come and it needs to be functional and enjoyable to use. Before you start, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your budget?
  • Is there anything in your bathroom that can stay or would you like a whole new bathroom renovation?
  • What bathroom redesign best suits you?
  • Do you need a bath? Or will a shower alone suffice?
  • Is the current heating, lighting and storage okay?
  • Does your current water pressure and temperature suffice?
  • Will your bathroom needs change in the near future? For example, are you thinking of starting a family?
  • Would you like to redesign the room yourself or do you need bathroom redesign help?
  • What is the size of your room? Measure it twice and take into account the space that needs to kept free around things like storage cupboards, that you need to open and the bath, that you need to be able to get in and out of. 

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To bath, or not to bath?

One of the biggest conundrums comes with the massive bath and shower options, which option do you choose? The following should help you make that decision:

  • Bath. Do you want a bath? do you need a bath? when was the last time you used your bath? Getting rid of the bath is one of the biggest space savers, but having a bath can be quite useful, especially if you have young children.
  • Bath/Shower. A shower overhanging the bath is a popular option for those who want both, but don’t have the space for a standalone shower option. 
  • Shower enclosure. A standalone shower, in a cubicle to protect the rest of the bathroom, with a shower tray at the bottom to drain away the water. 
  • Walk-in shower. A shower that has just one or two panels of glass but is not a full cubicle, again using a shower tray as drainage. 
  • Wet room. A room that is completely waterproof and protected, where the shower is walk-in with no screen or obstacles.

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Simple bathroom redesign help

Your bathroom redesign doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or take much time. Here are some, quick, cheap and simple bathroom redesign ideas:

  • Change the taps in the sink and bath
  • Replace the shower head for a new one
  • Buy a new toilet seat and replace your old one
  • Add a bathroom rack or other storage idea
  • Change your shower curtain
  • New bathroom accessories, such as a bin

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Storage solutions for your bathroom renovation

Every bathroom needs a lot of storage and the best time to add this is during the bathroom renovation. Think about your current storage, is this enough, do you need more, or maybe you have too much? This should give you an idea as to how much storage you’ll need after your bathroom renovation. For more storage, consider adding vanity units, under the sink cupboards or wall-hung storage options. 

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Family bathroom renovation help

A bathroom renovation is the perfect time to think about making your bathroom more family friendly. Here are some things you can add to make the bathroom more usable for everyone:

  • Soft-closing toilet lid, easy to flush system
  • Use non-slip floors
  • Thermostat taps to prevent the water getting too hot
  • Add stepping aids so children can reach the sink

You might also want to avoid shower doors or anything else that could be an obstruction and/or could shatter.

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What should you look for in a bathroom redesign service?

Don’t just use the first bathroom redesign service you find, do your research. Make a list of all the bathroom redesign services available and speak to to each one. Ask them questions to make sure that they:

  • Will work closely with you to create your vision
  • Have suitable design software
  • Are experienced and have a portfolio to show you
  • Can work within your budget

Choose the best bathroom redesign service for your needs, even if this isn’t the cheapest option. 

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