Bathroom Renovation: planning your new bathroom in three stages

The bathroom is the one place in the home you can be alone, unwind, relax and wash away the stresses of the day. The bathroom is your haven and so if you are going to refresh one room in the house, the bathroom should be it!

Remodelled bathroom vanity - Bryanston, Johannesburg

Bathroom renovation: the planning stage

A bathroom renovation, bathroom remodelling or a bathroom redesign can be a lengthy and complicated process. This can be made worse if you don’t plan properly and/or things don’t go according to your plan. Of course, there is always a possibility that something will not go how you expected it to, but if you have planned properly then any hiccups can be resolved much quicker and easier.

If you’re new to bathroom renovations, you might be wondering where to start and what should be in your plan, don’t worry, we have broken this down into stages for you.

Planning Stage 1: Decide your bathroom redesign budget

Look at your finances and decide how much you want to pay for your bathroom redesign or renovation. Be realistic in your expectations, a simple re-design will cost considerably less than a full bathroom remodelling or a complete renovation. Once you know your budget, you can start allocating it to the expenditures. Try to keep 10% of your budget unallocated, just in case you end up spending more than you expect.

Planning Stage 2: Choose the features for your bathroom remodelling

Lay the foundations of your bathroom by choosing the following:

  1. Floor – the foundation everything else will go on top of, it is important to make sure your flooring is time-less.  Also, when you are looking at flooring think practically, will it last? Is it easy to clean?
  2. Toilet – consider your style preference and then choose the size, shape, colour etc. of your vanities.
  3. Shower – think about the size and power you want your shower to have, but also think about what you want your shower to be housed inside, the shape and size of the shower cubicle.
  4. Bathtub – do you want a bathtub? And if so, would you like any special features, such as a jacuzzi?  Again, what shape, size and colour would you like?  Make sure it matches your toilet and basin.
  5. Basin – what kind of sink do you want in your bathroom? Think about the smaller things too, like the taps.

Black toilet and washbasin - Bathroom renovation works, Johannesburg

Planning Stage 3: think about the lighting for your bathroom remodelling

The best bathrooms have multiple lighting:

  • Ambient lighting: for when you want to take a relaxing soak in the tub and unwind.
  • Task lighting: things like lights by the mirror where you would shave, for example.
  • Decorative lighting: light features can look stunning, as well as be practical.
  • Accent lighting: highlight the special features of your bathroom.

Bathroom renovation services Johannesburg - glowing mirror

Choosing what lighting you want and where is important to do during the bathroom remodelling planning stage, while you are unrestricted. Also, you need to make sure the lighting conforms to building regulations, for example, they need to be resistant to the humidity of a bathroom.

Follow these simple three steps and you will find your bathroom renovation/bathroom remodelling goes much easier and with fewer problems.

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