Bedroom built in cabinets Q&A’s: a guide to bedroom built in wardrobes

Bedroom built in wardrobes are a wonderful addition to any bedroom. Making your room more luxurious and enjoyable to use. While bedroom built in cabinets may be a little more expensive than some alternatives, they have lots of benefits and are certainly worth the investment. Because bedroom built in cupboards are an investment, it is important that you take the time to understand what’s available. So that you can make an informed decision as to which you want to invest in. To help you, here are some commonly asked questions about built in wardrobes.

Bedroom Custom Wardrobes and Build In Cupboards

What are the benefits to bedroom built in cabinets?

There are lots of benefits to installing bedroom built in wardrobes in your home. 

  • Bedroom built in cabinets provide lots of storage space for all your clothing. With all your accessories and outfits all in one place, making getting ready an absolute pleasure. 
  • These built in wardrobes are robust, durable and hard wearing, lasting for years. Certainly value for money. 
  • Built in cabinetry can add value to your property. Making your property much more desirable if you ever wanted to sell it. 
  • Easier to clean. Most wardrobes will get dusty on the top, which means you have to regularly have to dust them. With built in cabinet you won’t have this problem.
  • They add the wow factor to the design of your room. Blending into the style of your bedroom perfectly, built in wardrobes don’t stick out like other cabinets, they become part of the room. 

Custom Bedroom cabinets - EC, Johannesburg

What are the alternatives to bedroom built in wardrobes?

There are lots of alternatives to having bedroom built in cabinets. Which type of wardrobe you choose will depend on the style you are trying to create, the space you have available and the storage you need, as well as the budget you have available. Here are some of your options:

  • Standard cupboards: these stand-alone wardrobes are the most common type of bedroom cabinets we see. while there is nothing wrong with having these wardrobes, they do not add the same wow-factor as their more exciting counterparts. 
  • Walk through wardrobes: wardrobes that you can walk through, either to get to another room or to another part of the bedroom. Not everyone has the space or the layout for these, which is a shame as they are a unique and interesting addition to the bedroom. 
  • Dressing room: a whole room dedicated to helping you get ready. While a full dressing room might be the dream for most people, it isn’t always a viable option given that you need quite a lot of space for this to work.
  • Bespoke cabinets: wardrobes that are designed and made especially for your room. After measuring the room, you can have wardrobes made that utilise all the space you have available, without leaving any unsighlty and wasteful gaps. 

Bedroom Build-in Cupboards - Johannesburg, Gauteng

Can you have bespoke built in cabinets made?

Yes you can. In fact, if you are going to invest in bedroom built in cupboards, it makes perfect sense to have ones made especially for your room. Why? Here are some reasons why bespoke built in cabinets are the perfect addition to your bedroom:

  • They efficiently use of all the space in your room. Fitted into your bedroom, bespoke built in cabinets make use of all the space in your room, from floor to ceiling. 
  • They blend in with the style of your bedroom. With so many different styles to choose from, the built in cabinet designs can blend seamlessly into your room, really finishing the look. 
  • You can ensure you have enough suitable storage. Everybody’s storage needs are different, by having bedroom built in cabinets installed you can make sure you have enough storage and the right storage type for your needs.
  • You can include things like custom lighting within your built in wardrobe. Really make your fitted wardrobes your own, get the most out of them and make them a pleasure to use.
  • They add even more value to your property than built in wardrobes. Bespoke built in cabinets, made specifically for your room, increases the value of your property. As well as adding the wow factor. 

Bedroom Walk In Wardrobe Cupboards - Johannesburg Gauteng-min

European Carpenters built in cabinet designs

At European Carpenter, we have a wide range of built in cabinet designs. As well as bespoke built in cabinets. We can help you to create a stunning bedroom with built in wardrobes that finish the look of your room. For more information about our bespoke built in cabinet design, or for a free, no obligation quote, contact us now

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