What bedroom cabinet design ideas will be the most popular in 2020?

Each year we see a change in home designs and styles and 2020 is set to be no different. Which is why, if you are considering redesigning any part of your home now you need to research design ideas. This is true regardless of what part of your home you decide to spruce up, whether that’s the living room, kitchen or even a bedroom. Before you decide which new style to use in your bedroom, it might be a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the more recent bedroom design trends. To help you, we have put together a list of bedroom styles and bedroom cabinet design ideas, that are expected to be popular in 2020.

White bedroom - Custom cupboards and cabinets, Johannesburg

Bedroom Cabinet Colours

In 2019 we saw safer colour options as the most popular choice, with grey being one of the favourites. This year we are expecting people to become more daring in their colour choices, not just for their bedroom walls and interior design, but for their bedroom cabinets too.

This colour adventure is great as it means you do not have to entirely replace your bedroom wardrobes. Instead you can simply paint them and inject some colour. Meaning you can give your bedroom a makeover at a much cheaper cost.

This year we are celebrating the shades of colours. The popular colour schemes for 2020 are likely to include:

  • Yellow and orange shades. Rooms showcasing yellows, oranges and even pale greens and pinks give the room a relaxing sunset feel.
  • Mint and pale greens. A fresh colour scheme, this colour range is light, natural and welcoming.
  • Blue tones. Another fresh colour combination, bring your love for the sky and sea into your bedroom.
  • Fuscia, pink and purples. A more daring and exciting colour range, this is sure to inject life into any room.

Pink bedroom cabinet - Johannesburg, South Africa

Fabrics and materials for your bedroom and bedroom wardrobe

The popular look for the bedroom in 2020 is expected to ooze luxury and glamour. With bedroom wardrobes and cabinets set to be made out of sophisticated materials and may even have fabric features. Some of the fabrics and materials you can expect to see in 2020 include:

  • Mirrored and glass features. Bedroom wardrobe and cabinet doors made from mirrors reflect the light around the room, making it brighter. This is not only very trendy in 2020, but it also makes the room look bigger.
  • High-gloss surfaces. Bedroom cabinets and wardrobes made from high gloss look stunning and they work great with mirrored doors, or alone.
  • Metallic materials. Coppers and golds are perfect for rooms with a luxury and sophisticated style. These colours are going to be very popular this year, in and around the bedroom, including the bedroom wardrobe.
  • Robust and industrial looking furniture is going to be very popular, Try to inject this into your bedroom using your wardrobes, by buying metal framed cabinets and/or having a custom bedroom cabinet made.

Bedroom walk-in wardrobes/drawers

Other Bedroom wardrobe design ideas

2020 is also likely to see some popular classics returning, including:

  • Built in wardrobes ooze sophistication. They give your room a clean and minimalistic look, but also help the room to look bigger. What’s more, built in wardrobes help you to get the most out of the space you have in your bedroom.
  • Dressing rooms are extremely useful and extremely elegant. Therefore, if you have the space in your bedroom why not consider adding a dressing room to keep all your clothes and accessories together.

Custom Bedroom Built-In Cupboards and Wardrobes

Create your own custom bedroom cabinet

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find the perfect bedroom cabinets to match the design you have in mind. And even if you do, there is no guarantee that they are going to be suitable for your sizes/shaped bedroom or your wardrobe space requirements. This is where creating your own custom bedroom cabinet and wardrobes can be the perfect solution. Fortunately, European Carpenter can design and make custom bedroom cabinets that are perfect for you and your design aspirations.

Bedroom walk-in wardrobe and drawing system-min

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