Bedroom cabinets & storage for a stunning small bedroom design

If you have a smaller bedroom there are two important things you will need to achieve. Firstly, the room needs to be fully functional. It must have a bed to sleep in, bedroom cabinets for clothes, bedroom storage and lighting. Secondly, it needs to be carefully designed to give the illusion that the room is bigger. This can be achieved through clever detailing and utilizing all of the space available. By carefully selecting the right furniture, or even having custom cabinets and/or custom storage solutions made, you can create a beautiful small bedroom design.

Custom bedroom cabinets and storage

Bedroom cabinets and fittings

The bedroom cabinets you choose to use in your room makes all the difference. It would be easy to end up with bedroom cabinets that take up all your room space but still don’t provide enough storage. But with the right cabinets and fittings, even the smallest room can have more than enough storage.

  • Use the space above the bed. Add bedroom cabinets above your bed and a wardrobe either side. Have lighting installed underneath the cabinets for mood lighting and to add dimension to the room.
  • Add shelving to make use of the vertical space. Look at your bedroom, are there parts of the wall going unused? When people design their bedroom, they usually focus on the floor space available, but seem to forget the vertical space of their room.
  • Walk through wardrobes. These not only make it easier to pick out your clothes, but they also give the illusion that the room is bigger. Walk through wardrobes add dimension to a room, or serve as a handy walk through between rooms, great for bedrooms with an en-suite.
  • Corner Cabinets. The biggest wasted space in most rooms of the house are the corner spaces. Instead of filling that space with a potted plant or leaving it bare, why not add a corner cabinet for additional storage?
  • Under the bed storage. Another wasted space in the bedroom is the area underneath the bed. But add drawers, or even just plastic storage boxes or baskets and you’ll be amazed how much you can store under there.
  • Mirrored cabinet and wardrobe doors. These don’t actually do anything to make your room bigger. But they do reflect the light around the room, which makes the space appear bigger than it actually is.
Mirrored Bedroom Storage - Luxury Dressing Rooms

Bedroom Storage

Here are some bedroom storage ideas to create a fully functional small bedroom design:

  • Add some bedside tables. Put your bedtime essentials in the top drawer and use the space underneath as a bookshelf.
  • Multi-purpose bedroom cabinets and furniture. Add a chest of drawers, with a mirror fixed to the top, or on the wall. You now have a multi-purpose dressing table.
  • Do you have alcoves? Why not utilise these spaces, add shelving and turn it into a bookcase, make your storage into a feature of the room.
  • Use wicker baskets to store all the little things in your bedroom. You can put these under your bed, or on shelving.
  • Turn your headboard into a useful storage option. If you don’t have room for bedside tables, why not add a floating shelf above your headboard. Or take your headboard out completely and install a new one with shelving/storage built in.
Bedroom Storage under the bed

Custom bedroom cabinets and custom storage

Ultimately, the best way to utilise all of the space in your small bedroom is with custom bedroom cabinets. Custom storage and bedroom cabinets are designed especially for your room. After taking the measurements of your room the company creating your cabinets will design them specifically to make use of all the available floor space and even the vertical height of your room. By understanding what kind of custom storage you want from your room, they can make sure you have everything you need to make the room fully functional. What’s more, they will make sure the custom bedroom cabinets and custom storage match your style preference. Custom bedroom cabinets don’t just look great, but they can also increase the value and the desirability of your home, should you ever consider selling.

Bedroom Build in Cupboards - Johannesburg, Gauteng

European Carpenter creating unique small bedroom designs

Getting the most out of a small space can be quite daunting, especially if you’re not a designer yourself. So why not hire a professional to do the job right? Someone like European Carpenter, who will design and create the perfect bedroom with custom bedroom cabinets and custom storage perfect for your unique space.

For more information about our bedroom cabinets and custom services, click here. Or contact one of our friendly advisors now.

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