Bespoke Kitchen Designs and Trends for 2020: what’s hot in 2020?

If you are considering redesigning or renovating your kitchen ready for the new year, you might be wondering what bespoke kitchen designs and kitchen trends are going to be popular in 2020. Of course you could use current trends and designs when planning your new kitchen.  But why risk an out-dated design, when you can have something new and trendy. 

Kitchen designs 2020: colours

In 2019 pale, pastel and light colours were trendy, grey for example was a very popular colour.  In 2020, navy blue is the new grey and pale colours are no longer trendy on their own. Instead we are seeing darker and bolder colours combined with powdery matt finishes, becoming more popular. These bolder colours can be integrated into the kitchen design in a number of ways. For the wow factor, we recommend installing cupboards and cabinetry that are bold in colour. Combining navy blue with white, grey or wood brown is a colour palette that dates back to the ninth century where cobalt pigments were used on white pottery in China. This trend was later popularised in France in the 18th century.  

Speaking of colours, in 2020, green is expected to be very popular. From mossy colours, to softer sage tones. Green sits in the centre of the colour wheel, it is a natural colour of harmony and balance. It promotes well-being and has restorative qualities, linked to forests and natural lush landscapes.  

Black is also a popular choice for 2020. Where as before it has been used as an accent colour, now black is set to take over. From black walls, to black cabinetry and black surfaces, the colour brings luxury and a rustic and homely feel, when combined with textured wood. 


Kitchen Trends 2020: The Design

Contemporary, modern, traditional, these are all designs that we are used to seeing. For 2020, however, there is a new design that is not so common, but certainly has the wow-factor. The design set to take over 2020 is the kitchen hotel boutique design. Hotels ooze sophistication, refinement and luxury, with quality furniture and even bespoke pieces that really make the room unique. So why not bring in some of the luxury from your home away from home, into your actual house. Buy quality, unique and/or bespoke furniture for your kitchen. Use colours that scream sophistication and don’t be afraid to be different. 


Bespoke Kitchen Designs: Going Natural

Another design that is set to take 2020 by storm is the natural look. Known as biophilia, a term founded in the 1980’s to address the disconnection from nature due to the growing urbanisation. This design seeks to utilise furniture that brings us closer with nature, bringing the outdoors, inside. To achieve the natural look, you need natural looking furniture, such as wooden or stone cabinets, cupboards and work surfaces. One of the best and easiest ways to achieve this is through ordering bespoke furniture and fittings for your kitchen.  

The Mid-Century Kitchen Design

If neither the natural look, or the boutique design is for you, why not consider a slightly more traditional, mid-century kitchen design?  The mid-century is renowned for its grandeur and luxury style and it is perfect for your kitchen. This is a style that will never become out-dated or go out of fashion, which is ideal for anyone who isn’t looking to change their kitchen design any time soon. To integrate this style into your home, you need mid-century furniture, for example, tables with tapered legs, dark timber chairs and furniture with an understated simplicity.   

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Kitchen Trends: Materials

Time to invest in marble….and lots of it. 2020 is set to be big on stone and marble, with work surfaces, splash backs and even kitchen islands being made out of marble. Marble furniture and fittings brings sophistication that no other material can match.  

While marble might be the pinnacle of luxury, it can also be very expensive and is an acquired taste.  If marble isn’t for you, why not consider warm wood, such as pale ash, oak or walnut. 

Kitchen Designs: Other Ideas

There are lots of other popular ideas that will become popular in 2020, including:

  • Double kitchen islands
  • Handle free kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • Using gold sinks and taps etc, instead of stainless steel
  • Creating a larder cupboard

Whatever bespoke kitchen designs you choose for your kitchen, make sure it is one you are entirely happy with and don’t mind keeping for years to come. 

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