Built-in Bedroom Cabinet Designs Styles and Colours – Hot 2022

Before you start shopping for your new fitted bedroom wardrobes, you need to think about overall design you are trying to create. The look of your new fitted bedroom cabinets will have a big impact on the overall style of the room. What’s more, these cabinets are robust and designed to last for years, so you will want to select one of the built in bedroom cabinet designs that is timeless. For ideas and inspiration, here are the latest colours, trends and designs for 2019.

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Choose your built in bedroom cabinet designs with care

So what style would you like your bedroom to have? Are you going for a modern, contemporary look? A minimalistic, flawless design? Or a boudoir fit for royalty? Whatever style you prefer, the fitted bedroom wardrobes design you choose can help you to achieve your dream bedroom. Of course, you do need to take into consideration the current style of your bedroom, unless you are having the whole room redesigned. The fitted bedroom cabinets make a big impact on the look of the room, so if you don’t choose a wardrobe style that matches your room, you might be disappointed with the overall look.

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A fitted bedroom wardrobes design that is trendy and timeless

To give you some inspiration, here are some of the built in bedroom cabinet designs that are set to be popular in 2019. These are designs that will stand the test of time and look stunning for years to come. 

  • The minimalistic look: while this isn’t a new style, its still popular this year. Create this look by having handle-free fitted bedroom cabinets, wardrobes that blend into the wall and become a piece of the room. 
  • The boudoir tone: create a luxurious boudoir feel to the room. With crisp white fitted wardrobes, complete with brass or crystal handles and a bronze or gold trimming or elegant floral designs to the doors. Replicate the look around the room, buy matching furniture or repaint things like your dressing table and mirror. 
  • A modern feel: high gloss fitted wardrobes, or mirrored doors give a bold and dynamic modern feel. White or light wood creates a modern, simple yet elegant and eye-catching touch. While darker shades of wood highlighted with silver sleek handles, makes a strong, yet homely statement. The modern look is flexible, but the final effect will be bold and beautiful. 
  • An industrial, robust room: glass fitted bedroom cabinets are great for this look. With metal finishing inside, these wardrobes bring the industrial look to life. Match this with metal furnishings, open spaces and lots of glass, mirrors and light.
  • The log cabin retreat: a popular bedroom style this year is the log cabin design. By choosing the right fitted bedroom wardrobes design you can create a cosy, home away from home feel. Wooden fitted wardrobe doors, preferably wide wood, combined with wooden walls will make the whole room feel like a cosy log cabin.

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Fitted Bedroom Cabinets: this year colours

Every year we see a change in what colours are popular. It is easy to redecorate the walls, but you don’t want to be changing your fitted wardrobes every year. So when you choose the colour of your fitted bedroom cabinets , don’t just think about what colour is popular now. You also need to think about what colours will work well with other colours, in case you decide to redecorate in a couple of years. To help you with some ideas, here are this years colour scheme trends for the bedroom:

  • Forest green, with dark wooden furniture and finishings, with a crisp white contrast.
  • Mustard yellow, interspersed with creams, beige and browns, with wicker embellishments.
  • Deep blue or teal, with grey and white tones and bold, chunky furnishings.
  • Rich purple with silver, or grey and white, with sophisticated materials. 
  • Natural tones, cream, beige, brown, pastels and light tones for relaxation.

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Bespoke fitted bedroom cabinets

Of course, you don’t have to choose any of the styles above. In fact, you can create your own style, or you can bring two styles together. How? With bespoke fitted bedroom cabinets. This is perfect if you aren’t redesigning your entire bedroom and you want something to work well with your existing design. But there are many more benefits, such as your bespoke fitted bedroom cabinets would be made to the size of your room, giving you full use of all your space. This means extra storage for you and a more seamless finish for the room. 




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