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Turning dilapidated properties, into dream homes

Whether your property is in dire need of renovating, or you just fancy a change, The European Carpenter provides fully comprehensive home renovation services that help you to bring your dream home into a reality. With an expert team of designers, architects and craftspeople, European Carpenter are equipped to handle every aspect of your home renovation in-house, from designing to building, to finishing your property and even installing electrics and plumbing. This not only makes the whole process much easier and quicker, with far fewer delays, but it could also potentially save you money on your home renovation.

Property extension and home renovation works - Johannesburg

Project management of the entire renovation


Kitchen Renovation


Full redesing and finishing


Bathroom Renovation


House renovation


Electrics and Plumbing

Typically, renovation services are a simple process of restoring a property to a good state of repair. However the home renovation services provided by European Carpenter go above and beyond this. Therefore, instead of just making your property habitable, European Carpenter will understand exactly what your ideal home looks like. So we will design your renovation around your vision to make the property nothing less than perfect. Giving you not just a property you can live in, but a house that you can be proud to own.

In addition, if you bought your property in a dilapidated state of repair, the home renovation services provided by European Carpenter will add incredible value to your property, increasing your return on investment massively. Moreover, European Carpenter don’t just offer home renovation services, we also specialise in expansions, remodelling, kitchen and bathroom renovations and smaller, but just as important services, such as flooring, custom-made bars and wine cellars, and tailor-made cupboards and cabinets. As a result, this means that they can make every aspect of your home, exactly the way you want it. So if you want to renovate while also extending your property, now you can. Or if you want sleek hardwood flooring and tiles, these can be installed with your renovation. So that once the renovation is completed, all you need to do is move in.

If you have aby questions about The European Carpenters Home Renovation Services, or for free help and advise or a no obligation quote, please contact one of our specialists now on +27 (0)72 642 6812 !

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