How to design a family bathroom for your bathroom renovation

If you are thinking of having a bathroom renovation, you might be considering installing a family bathroom design, especially if you have children. When you design a family bathroom, there are lots of things to consider, you need to make the room relaxing for the adults, but a fun environment for the children too. So why not leave the problem of how to design your family bathroom to a professional, like European Carpenter.

Family bathroom design

Bathroom renovation: Design a family bathroom

If you are undergoing a bathroom renovation, this is the perfect time to give your bathroom a complete overhaul and install a family bathroom design that works well for all the family.  A family bathroom not only needs to be robust with plenty of storage, but it also needs to cater for so many different needs.  So, to design a family bathroom you need to think about lots of different things, including:

  • The bathroom layout – make the room as spacious as possible, try to avoid any tripping hazards and make everything accessible.
  • The bathroom colour – the colours we adults would choose often aren’t the colours our children would pick, which is why you need to find a way of balancing the two.
  • Storage options – if you have children, you are probably adding storage solutions into every room and the bathroom is no different.
  • Special features and accessories – this is where you can make the room much more exciting for the children, as well as more relaxing for yourself.

These are some of the main things to think about before you begin to design your new family bathroom.

Bathroom renovation and reconstruction

Ideas for a Family bathroom design

To help you to design a family bathroom that is perfect for your family needs, here are some ideas:

  • Install a double ended bath.  A double ended bath is where the taps are in the centre of the bath, instead of being at one end.  The bathtub is a must-have with children and a double-ended bath is particularly a good idea, as it stops the arguments over who has to sit at the tap end.
  • Consider turning your bathroom into a wet room.  Despite how many towels you put on the floor and how much you tell your children not to splash, they will, it is inevitable.  So why not consider turning your bathroom into a wet room and letting your children splash to their hearts content, without having the worry about the damage it is doing to your floor.
  • Use clever storage, such as under the sink cabinets, to hide away the bath toys when they aren’t being used.  Any room a child enters will be scattered with toys, it is the natural order of a family home, but when you’re having your relaxation time you don’t want to be surrounded by toys, which is why you need lots of clever storage solutions.
  • Use bold colours and even consider installing colour changing elements, like a shower head that changes colour.  Children love bright colours and they can also be stylish when used correctly, so don’t be afraid to go bold.
  • Include plenty of lighting.  By making sure your children can see well, you help them to avoid falling or slipping and by adding plenty of lighting you can achieve some mood lighting, for when it’s the adults turn in the bathroom.
  • Heated towel rails, just because it’s nice to get out the bath and into a nice and warm towel.
  • Add gadgets and accessories, like a radio and novelty toothbrush holders, things that make the room enjoyable for all the family to use.


 Design your family bathroom

How to design your family bathroom

When it comes to the question of how to design your family bathroom, the easiest thing to do is to leave it to a professional. Hire a carpenter that will take the time to understand exactly what you need from your family bathroom design and what features you want including.  The carpenter will then create a design for you to approve.  Doing this makes sure that your dream bathroom is bought into reality.

Design a family bathroom - Johannesburg

Ask European Carpenter to design a family bathroom

If you would like to discuss your family bathroom design, or you would like some help in understanding how to design your family bathroom, contact one of our expert team members now. We will not only listen to your design needs to ensure we create a space perfect for the entire family, but we will also create the perfect family bathroom design for you. As we complete everything in house, we can take part of every aspect of your bathroom renovation, including all plumbing, tilling and finishing work, which will make your bathroom renovation go much quicker and often much more cost effective.

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