Home bar designs and ideas to help you create the perfect entertainment bar

Your home is your castle, its your escape from the world, so you obviously want to make it as perfect as possible. You can do this by designing your home to your tastes, so it reflects your personality and has all the comforts you desire. If you are a fun and outgoing person, you might be considering adding a home bar, to enjoy on the evenings and to help you entertain guests. But what type of bar should you choose? What design will meet your needs and which style is perfect for your home? There are lots of different kinds of bars to choose from. Which one you select will depend on what you want to use it for, the style of your home and the space you have available. 

Custom Home Bar Designs

Choosing a home bar

Selecting the style and design of your bar is perhaps the most difficult part of adding one into your home. Especially if this is the first bar you are having installed. To help you choose a design, you need to ask yourself some questions, such as:

  • What is your budget?
  • How much space do you have?
  • What will you use the bar for? Personal use, entertaining, or both?
  • What features would you like your bar to have?
  • What is the current style of your home? If your home has different styles in different rooms, just think about the room where the bar is going to be fitted, to make sure it matches.
Choosing a home bar
Home bar design from European Carpenter

Home Bar Design Ideas

There are lots and lots of bar designs available. To help you, here are a few of the most popular designs for you to choose from:

  • Classy Home Bar Design: The classy design is a style that resembles a sophisticated wine bar, one with marble or tiled flooring, comfortable seating, stylish work surfaces and appliances. The classy home bar design is one of the most popular designs, however, to create it you do need to have plenty of space and a budget that allows for it.
  • Traditional Home Bar Design: This design gives you the feel that you have just walked into an old bar. There’s plenty of wood and brick decor, traditional looking stools for seating and rich colours, such as deep red and gold.
  • The Modest Home Bar design: Perfect for those homes that do not have a lot of space, the modest bar is smaller, yet effective, and it still can have the wow factor. Utilise small spaces, like the space under your stairs or the free corner in your dining room. Include some storage space, hang the glasses up and voila, you have a small, modest, but perfect bar design.
  • Modern Home Bar Design: For a more modern bar design you will need to keep up with the latest trends and install the current mod-cons. Modern bar designs are often designed like a wet room, with fridges as well as things like a dishwasher and even beer taps. However, you don’t have to have all the latest technology and appliances for a modern bar design, all you need to do is make the space look sleek and free from clutter.
Home Bar Design Ideas
Home Bar Ideas - EC, Johannesburg

Home Bar Ideas 

If none of the above designs appeal to you, or you do not have the space to install a full bar, why not try some of these easier and more innovative home bar ideas:

  • Use a piece of furniture you already have, like a bookcase and transform all (or part) of this into a bar. To be really innovative, you could even take an old television, empty out the inner electrics and use the shell as a miniature bar. Or you could buy an old grand piano to transform, simply add stools and away you go.
  • Install a cabinet and use this as your liquor cabinet. This is a great way to save money and will give you the chance to see how much you would use a bar before you invest fully in installing one.
  • Garden bars are great for people who do not have the space in their homes for a bar. These are perfect for the summer seasons, where you might be hosting BBQs or garden parties. And because these custom bars for gardens are outside, you are no longer limited to creating a bar design that works well with the style of your home.
Custom Home Bar - Inside or Outside

Custom Home Bar 

Of course, you don’t have to choose a bar design that has already been done. Sometimes this isn’t possible, especially if you have a small or unusually sized space for your home bar. In these cases, you can actually design your own custom home bar, making sure it is the style, size and shape you need. To do this, you’ll need a company who can both design, construct and install the custom home bar for you, a company like European Carpenter who have been creating bespoke designs and custom home bars for years.


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