Home Improvements: home renovation ideas that increase property value

Making home improvements isn’t just about making your home look prettier. It is also about adding value to your property and making it more desirable, in case you ever wanted to sell. There are lots of home renovation ideas that you can use to increase the value of your home.  Some home redesign ideas add more value than others, equally, they might cost more to complete. The improvements you want to make to your home will depend on the current state of the property, your needs and the design you are trying to create. Here is a list of home renovation/home redesign ideas, before you make any decisions, read through this list to make sure you choose the most suitable home improvement for your house.

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Home improvement ideas: converting and adding space

One of the easiest ways to add value to your property is to expand the living space. With more rooms, more space and more storage, you can enjoy your home more, tailoring it to suit your needs. 

  • Add a conservatory. The conservatory is great for entertaining, for use as an office, or playroom, or even a second living space. A conservatory can be used for so many things, which is why is one of the most popular home improvements. 
  • Extend the kitchen. “My kitchen is big enough”, said nobody, ever. Your kitchen can never be big enough, it is used regularly by the entire family and needs to store cooking equipment as well as food. Entertaining and dinner parties are made much more fun when the dining table is in the kitchen and the chef can be part of the conversation, instead of in a different room. 
  • Add an extra bathroom. Another one of the most popular home renovation ideas is the addition of another bathroom. This is particularly popular in properties that only have an upstairs bathroom, but also with those who would like to luxury of an en-suite. 
  • Convert the cellar or loft into a living space. The cellar and loft both have the potential to become usable living spaces, either as bedrooms, or as a hobby room. Not only is this one of the best home redesign ideas when it comes to adding value to your property, but it also makes the house more appealing, if you were to sell. 
  • Buy surrounding land to expand your property. If you can, expand your property area by buying surrounding areas. The higher the square foot of your property, the more it is likely to be worth.

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Home renovation ideas: room renovations

  • Add a new kitchen. Kitchens are used, a lot, so it isn’t surprising that this is one of the rooms that starts to look the most ‘worn-in’. A new kitchen can inject a new lease of life into a property, increasing its value and appeal. 
  • Install a new bathroom suite. Just like with the kitchen, the bathroom is used by everyone in the house, numerous times a day. It gets hot and humid and after a while, starts to look old and so replacing it is a good idea.
  • Add built in bedroom wardrobes. One of our favourite home improvements ideas are the built in wardrobes. Not only do these add value to your property and make the bedroom look absolutely stunning, they also provide lots of storage. This is a desirable factor and will appeal to buyers. 

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Home redesign ideas: replacements and makeovers

There are also lots of smaller scale home renovation ideas that will both increase your property value and enhance its design. These include:

  • Add a central heating system, update the current heating system or you could even install under floor heating.
  • Replace the windows and doors. 
  • Give the garden a makeover, perhaps install an outside bar, built in barbecue area or a water feature.
  • Enhance the outside of your home. Replace the front/garage door, spruce up the roofing, replace the guttering or even add a porch. 
  • Add a drive/off-road parking.

These are just some, of the many home improvements you can make that will add value to your property. If you would like to discuss any of the above home renovation ideas, contact a reputable company, such as European Carpenter. They will answer any questions you might have about your home redesign ideas, explain the process and provide a free, no obligation quote. 

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