How bedroom built in cupboards can completely transform your bedroom

If you are redesigning, or just giving a new lease of life into your bedroom, one thing you should consider installing, are built in cupboards.  Built in wardrobes provide you with all the storage space you need, but they have many other benefits too. Our bedroom built in cupboards services include walk in cupboards, walk through cupboards and bedroom dressing room ideas, as well as bespoke, custom made cupboards.

Complete house reconstruction - bedroom cupboard in Boksburg, Johannesburg

The benefits of bedroom built in cupboards

The main job of the bedroom built in cupboards is to store all of your clothes, shoes and accessories, to keep them off display and safe in one place. But this isn’t all they do, there are so many other benefits to built in wardrobes.  These include:

  • They can be completely customised, which means they can be the exact size, shape and style you need them to be. For this reason, bedroom built in cupboards often provide more storage space than standard wardrobes.
  • Built in wardrobes make your bedroom look bigger, as they blend into the bedroom much more than stand along wardrobes do. This means they create the illusion that your bedroom is more spacious.
  • High-quality built in wardrobes can add value to your home, they can make the bedroom area look much more appealing and new buyers will not have to worry about buying new wardrobes or bringing their old ones with them.
  • It is an investment, bedroom built in cupboards are built to last. As they make up a part of the bedroom these built in wardrobes will be robust and are much more likely to last longer than any stand-alone wardrobe.

You can achieve bedroom built in cupboards on all budget types, you do not have to have a massive budget in place.

Built in bedroom cupboards

Walk in cupboards

One of the types of bedroom built in cupboards you could opt for is the walk in cupboards solution. Exactly as it sounds, this is a wardrobe that you can literally step into, surrounding yourself in your clothes.  Having your clothes around you like this helps not only to keep things organised, but it also helps you to get ready, more quickly.  With made to measure walk in cupboards that perfectly fit into your bedroom, these can blend perfectly into your existing room.

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Walk through cupboards

Another option for the bedroom built in cupboards is the walk through cupboards option, which is a wardrobe that has a passageway through to either another part of the room, or another room entirely.  Great for larger sized rooms, or bedrooms with an ensuite, the walk through cupboards option really adds the wow factor to any bedroom.  Just like the walk in option, the walk through cupboards allows you to get inside your wardrobe and see all of your clothes, to help you choose the perfect outfit for your day.

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Bedroom Dressing rooms

If you have the space, why not opt for the bedroom dressing room option. As simple as it sounds, this is the addition of a dressing room, into your bedroom, giving you a completely separate space to get ready. Keep all your clothes, shoes and accessories inside, add a dressing table for your make-up and jewellery and give yourself a tranquil retreat to prepare for your day. Don’t forget to add plenty of lighting inside, just so you can see what you are doing.

Custom Bedroom cabinets

European Carpenter’s bedroom built in wardrobes

At European Carpenter we can design the perfect bedroom built in cupboards.  From standard built in wardrobes, to walk in cupboards, walk through cupboards and bedroom dressing rooms, we can custom design, build and install it all.   We will not only measure the room to create a design that uses all the space available, but we will also work with you to understand what you want from your bedroom built in cupboards.  Our expert team will use the finest materials and install your built in wardrobes to the highest standard, to add the finishing touches to your bedroom.

To find out more, or for a free no obligation quote, contact one of our specialists now.

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