Kitchen countertops: what is the best material for my kitchen worktops?

When it comes to kitchen countertops there are lots of choices to make. You need to think about colour and style, but most importantly, you have to decide what material would you like your kitchen worktops to be made from. Would you like a wooden or a quartz countertop? Is a stone or marble countertop more to your taste? Or is a granite countertop the best choice for you. Here we will help you to make this decision.

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What to consider before choosing the material for your kitchen countertops

There are lots of differences between the kitchen countertops available, it’s not just about choosing the one you like the look of the most.  You have to make sure you can afford it, that it is durable, that it goes with the style of your kitchen and whether it suits your needs. Here are some things to consider:

  • What is the budget you have for your kitchen transformation? And how much of this are you prepared to spend on the kitchen worktopss.
  • What style do you want for your kitchen? Some styles work better with certain materials.
  • What depth would you like your kitchen work surfaces to be? This also affects the style that is created by the surfaces.
  • What is your current kitchen layout like?  If you aren’t completely renovating your kitchen, you might be limited in the shape/style/size of the kitchen countertops.

Now you have thought about all of this, let’s look at the different kitchen countertops you have to choose from.

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Granite countertop

One of the most popular choices for kitchen work surfaces is the stunning and stylish granite countertop.  Granite countertops exude an air of luxury and beauty and the timeless style, makes the material work well in many different designs.

The granite countertop is extremely almost indestructible, it is durable and hard-wearing, it is heat resistant, antibacterial and easy to clean and maintain.  Despite it being very heavy, it can be shaped and designed to work well in any kitchen space. Granite is often one of the most expensive options when it comes to kitchen countertops.

Kitchen Countertops - quartz worktop

Quartz countertop

The man-made alternative to granite, quartz is fortified with resin, to make it a hard-wearing, and customisable, kitchen work surface. Like the granite countertop, the quartz countertop is extremely hard-wearing and durable, it is heat resistant, antibacterial and easy to clean, as well as being naturally scratch resistant.  Unlike the granite, with a quartz countertop you are not limited in colour choice, which makes achieving your design goals much more achievable.  Because of this, the quartz countertop is perfect for any kitchen of any style.

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Marble countertop

Unique and divine in its look, the marble countertop is sure to add the wow factor to any kitchen.  The marble material is incomparable to any other, which is why it has always been a popular kitchen work surface. Marble countertops are often more affordable than granite, quartz and stainless steel, however, there are less durable. Marble is often softer and more porous, which means it can stain or become scratched.

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Hardwood countertop

A natural looking kitchen countertop, made from materials such as oak or walnut, this is a perfect look for all kitchen style types.  When properly sealed and if well maintained, hardwood countertops can be long-lasting and durable.  Having said this, you still shouldn’t use these surfaces as a chopping board as it might scratch, nor should you put anything hot on top as it can scorch the material.  In addition, hardwood countertop surfaces need to be maintained bi-annually with oil, to avoid stains.  Hardwood countertops are more affordable than some other materials, they can also be cut and installed much easier.

Other kitchen work surfaces materials

  • Laminate
  • Stainless steel
  • Composite
  • Glass
  • Corian
  • Concrete

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Ask European Carpenter for advice on which kitchen work surfaces you should choose

The team at European Carpenter are experts in kitchen renovations, redesigns and complete transformations. We can help you to choose the best material for your kitchen work surfaces and we can even design and install them for you. For free, no obligation help or a quote, contact us now.

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