Kitchen flooring and bathroom flooring: which flooring should you choose?

Part of the renovation and redesign process is to select a new floor for your room, which is simple in some rooms. But in areas like kitchens and bathrooms this decision becomes more difficult, because these rooms need a certain kind of flooring. Making the decision as to which kitchen floor or which bathroom floor to choose involves asking yourself certain questions. Like what kitchen flooring will be the most durable? Or, what bathroom flooring is most water resistant? To help you, we have put together a kitchen flooring and bathroom flooring guide.

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What do you need from your kitchen flooring?

The kitchen is a busy area, a place where spills often occur, and hours are spent cooking or entertaining. The best kitchen floor will have these three main benefits:

  1. It will be durable. Your flooring needs to be able to handle being in the busiest room of the house. It needs to be scratch proof and able to withstand heavy objects being dropped on it.
  2. It will be easy to clean. Food and drink are easily spilled in the kitchen area, so you need a floor that is easy to clean. Especially as you will want to clean this floor regularly as it in such a busy space.
  3. It will be water-resistant. You don’t necessary need it to be waterproof but making sure your flooring is resistant to water is a good idea. It is much quicker to clean up spillages on a water-resistant surface and the floor is less likely to stain as it will not be as porous as other flooring.enter to design a family bathroom.


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What do you need from your bathroom flooring?

The bathroom is a wet and slippery place, which has a big impact on the kind of floor you will want to use in this space. The ideal bathroom flooring will have these three main benefits:

  1. It will be water-proof. A wet room would be ideal, but if you don’t like this idea then at least make sure your bathroom flooring is waterproof. Water can cause a lot of damage to a floor that is not waterproof and the water can even seep through and into the foundations below.
  2. It will be easy to clean. The bathroom might not be the busiest room in the house, but plenty of messy spills can easily occur. Choose a floor that you can easily clean toothpaste, shaving cream and shampoo off.
  3. It won’t be slippy. This is difficult to achieve because unfortunately most waterproof flooring is slippy when wet. But by carefully considering your options, you can make your flooring safe as well as waterproof.
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Things to think about before choosing your floor

Before you choose which flooring you want to use, consider the following:

  • What is your budget for the flooring in the room?
  • What style do you hope to create in the room?
  • Certain floors need maintenance, is this something you are happy to do?
  • Do you intend to have underfloor heating?

The answers to the above questions will help you to make your decision and find a flooring that is perfect for you.

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Which kitchen floor and/or which bathroom floor is best for you?

Here are your options and their pros and cons:

  1. Ceramic and Stone Tiles: perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, tiles are waterproof and very durable, they can handle the pressures of a busy kitchen and a family bathroom. Tiles can be more expensive than other flooring options and because they need to be grouted, tiles can take longer to lay than other floors.
  2. Concrete: another floor that is perfect for both rooms, concrete is durable and it can be sealed against water. Relatively low maintenance, concrete can be poured directly onto the floor and there are even lightweight versions for upstairs bathrooms.
  3. Rubber: soft, warm and waterproof, the smooth rubber is easy to clean and doesn’t get too slippery (unless you polish it).
  4. Wooden floors: engineered wood is the best option for a kitchen or bathroom. Laminate flooring can be used if it is properly sealed, but if you use a click together version water might seep into the seams. Solid wood flooring is not recommended for bathrooms, it is porous and excess moisture might make it crack and/or warp.
  5. Linoleum floor: anther ideal flooring, it is soft under the foot, durable and also extremely hygienic because bacteria can’t live on it.

For more help on which kitchen floor and/or which bathroom floor you should buy, contact one of our expert team members now.

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