Kitchen Remodelling and Kitchen Redesign for the Perfect Family Kitchen

The main reason people choose to have kitchen remodelling is because their kitchen is not only out-dated and old, but it no longer serves their purpose.  As we go through life and expand our family our needs change and by adding children to the family, we often see a need to make changes to our home too. This is especially true of the kitchen area.

Rustenburg house old kitchen

What is the perfect family kitchen?

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, we spend hours here cooking and sharing meals together, that sometimes this room has the best family time moments.   As such, the room needs to change to accommodate the new additions to the family.  This room needs to be fully functional and durable, which means more storage options, hardwearing surfaces, a table that will seat you all and maybe even a larger sink and oven.  You’ll also want to make the room safer for a child to be in, which is more easily achieved if you choose to remodel your kitchen rather than spruce up your old one.

Renovned kitchen/dinning room - House reconstruction, Bryanston

What to include in your family kitchen redesign

Your kitchen redesign won’t have to change dramatically just because you want it to be a family kitchen.  Of course, it won’t be the same, but you’ll most likely find the additions or changes make your kitchen user experience much better. Here are some of the things we think you might benefit from including into your family kitchen redesign:

  • Eating area: a family kitchen needs a dining area that is big enough to fit the entire family and potentially also guests too.
  • Wipe-clean walls: the walls get messy in the kitchen anyway, especially when you are cooking, but this is even more true when you add children to the mix. As such, you should consider wipe-clean walls when you remodel your kitchen.
  • Hard-wearing work surfaces: include durable surfaces when redesigning your kitchen, to ensure it lasts and stays looking newer for longer.
  • Family-sized oven: you’re going to be cooking family meals, so you’re going to need a family-sized oven.  This will be bigger than standard ovens, so consider the additional size when redesigning your kitchen.
  • Soft-close cupboards and drawers: there’s nothing more frustrating than when your children open and slam the kitchen cupboard doors repetitively.  Soft-close cupboards and drawers will not only solve that problem, but it will also stop the damage caused from the doors and drawers closing.
  • An extendable tap: a tap that you can pull out from your sink, usually with a mixer spray.  A longer tap like this is extremely helpful for cleaning out pots and filling up saucepans as you have more control over the water flow.  Moreover, it is a stylish addition to your kitchen remodelling.
  • A double-bowl sink: having two bowls in your sink will allow you to multitask, which is especially useful for the busy family kitchen. If you have the space, you should seriously consider when redesigning your kitchen.

Small kitchen renovations - Johannesburg, South Africa

Redesigning your kitchen? Ask European Carpenter for help to remodel your kitchen

From designing a new kitchen and removing your old kitchen. To installing the new family kitchen, including electrics, plumbing and gas work, European Carpenter can take care of the entire process.  This makes the kitchen remodelling much easier and quicker and without the worry of additional fees and services being added on top.

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