Modern white kitchen cupboards for a new kitchen.

White kitchens have never gone out of style, they are elegant and timeless, a fashion statement that oozes elegance. What’s more, white kitchens are often a more welcomed choice, adding value to your property and often making it easier to re-sell the property at a later point. While white kitchen cupboards may sound simple and boring, they are anything but. Used correctly, this modern white kitchen cabinetry can completely transform your room.

A White kitchen redesign

There are lots of ways that you can use white kitchen cabinetry and the overall color scheme of a white crisp finish, to make your kitchen unique and sophisticated. Here, we will show you how you can implement white kitchen cabinetry into your home, in a way that suits your style. Using various materials and adding splashes of color in here and there, you can create almost any kitchen design, from modern and contemporary, to traditional and elegant.

Scullery Kitchen
Scullery Kitchen Room

Design ideas using white kitchen cupboards

Here are some of the many ways you can integrate white kitchen cupboards and cabinets into your home:

  • White Oak: white oak and, in fact, any white wood, is a great addition to your kitchen. Allowing you to create so many different kitchen styles, including contemporary, modern, traditional and even classic. White wood looks fantastic, it is durable and homely, as well as flexible.
  • Glossy white kitchen cabinets: for a modern, futuristic style, or a soft and serene or even clinical feel. Smooth and shiny, they add a touch of glamour to your kitchen, making it look immaculate and in pristine condition.
  • White kitchen cabinets with dark countertops: a dramatic and eye-catching look. This light and dark balance helps to make the smaller kitchen feel bigger, adding drama into an otherwise serene kitchen space.
  • White modern kitchen cabinetry: modern kitchen cabinetry has a particular style. White enhances the style and ties into the modern design well.

Modern White kitchen cabinetry

Modern white kitchen designs are becoming more popular, they are stunning, work well in all spaces and are timeless. As we have seen, a white kitchen design is not likely to go out of fashion anytime soon.

Modern white kitchen cabinetry plays a major role in achieving this modern white kitchen design. They are minimalistic and sleek, sophisticated yet edgy and they usually have large panels to create a clutter-free, smooth finish. Handless ones are becoming increasingly more popular, but if you prefer handles, there are lots of white or stainless-steel ones that work fantastically with this kitchen redesign concept.

This design doesn’t have to be completely white and devoid of colour. We find that some wooden elements and/or splashes of colour for areas such as work surfaces and appliances, work well to create this design. Just try to make sure that any colour or wood you add, has an equally smooth and clutter-free finish to it.

Scullery Kitchen
Scullery Kitchen Room

White custom cabinets

One of the best ways to achieve modern white kitchen cabinetry is with custom cabinets. By using white custom cabinets in your kitchen redesign you are not only ensuring you achieve the style and use the materials you want, but you also make the most out of all the space your kitchen has to offer. This also allows you to house your appliances behind white custom cabinet doors so that they become integrated into your kitchen and aren’t on the show.

European Carpenter provides a full range of white custom cabinet services, where we not only design the perfect modern white kitchen cabinetry for you, but we also install it and bring it to life. The added benefit is the team of designers who are on hand to give you advice as to how you can create your perfect kitchen redesign. We can tell you what will work and what won’t, how you can get the most out of your space, and what you can do to add the wow factor.


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