New Year = New Bathroom: What are the new Bathroom Design Trends 2019

If you have been thinking about redesigning or renovating your bathroom, the New Year is the perfect time to make this happen. With each year the trends in bathroom designs change, the same is true of 2019. Which is why now is a great time to go ahead with your redesign, to ensure you are ahead of the new bathroom design trends 2019. To help you with some bathroom design ideas, we thought we would share this years hottest bathroom trends with you.

Top New Bathroom Design Trends 2019

What storage options will be popular in the bathroom design for the new year?

With so many different products and bathroom accessories, every bathroom needs to have suitable storage options. However, there are different ways to store things in your bathroom, all of which create a different style. For inspiration, here are some of the popular storage options for 2019:

  • Feature storage ledges: a stunning alternative to adding shelving to your bathroom. This year storage ledges, that are built into and part of the bathroom, are very popular. Providing not only plenty of storage options, but also a cleaner look.
  • Ottomans: with the trend moving away from shelving and wall mounted furniture, the ottoman is the perfect alternative.
New Year = New Bathroom

What materials are going to used in new bathroom design ideas?

Materials go in and out of fashion, not just in the bathroom but in every room in the house. So it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with what materials are in fashion, and which aren’t. The materials expected to be popular in 2019 generally embrace the natural look. For example:

  • Concrete: concrete is set to be a popular material for the bathroom for surfaces and utilities alike.
  • Plaster: perfect for use alone or alongside concrete. Walls and even surfaces are going to be plastered and polished in lots of bathrooms in 2019.
  • White/Grey Marble: a timeless material, marble adds a sense of luxury to any bathroom. Given how robust marble is, it is unsurprising that 2019 is set to see lots of marble bathrooms
Luxury Bathrooms Design Trends

Make a statement with these other new bathroom design trends 2019

There are lots of other ways to make a statement in your bathroom, while also ensuring it is in keeping with new bathroom trends. Here are some ideas:

  • Exposed piping and hardware: this year, the style is to leave all pipes and hardware exposed. Instead of covering these with panels and furniture, this year we are embracing the mechanics of the bathroom. This is a great bathroom design idea because if the style changes, you can always add covering and change the style.
  • Statement mirrors: the bathroom mirror is the main focus in bathrooms in 2019. Top bathroom designs in 2019 will see lots of bathrooms with statement mirrors that are bold and dramatic.
  • Mirrors opposite windows: to create a lighter and more spacious feel. Whether you attach it to the wall or suspend it from the ceiling, having a mirror opposite the window is very popular right now.
  • Open designs: no longer a closed room with four walls, now the trend is an open bathroom. With the bathroom now part of the room, not separated by walls, you can shower and get ready in the open space. Usually there is will be a wooden, glass or steel barrier providing some privacy around the toilet area.
  • Statement walls: paper or tiling that is placed on one wall only. This wall should have oversized patterns and should be colourful, bold and bright. This adds drama to the room and is especially good for making smaller rooms, look bigger.
  • Art: if you aren’t brave enough to go for a statement wall, you can add a statement piece of art instead. This is great because you can easily change or remove this whenever you like.
New bathroom design 2019

European Carpenter: bringing your new bathroom design to life

If you are thinking of redesigning your kitchen you might have lots of ideas, but struggle putting these together. This is where hiring a professional designer can help. The team at European Carpenter, for example, are experienced carpenters, as well as designers. Which means we can take care of every stage of your bathroom redesign, including installation.

To find out more, or get some friendly advice on your kitchen redesign, contact one of our members of staff now.

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