Apartment Renovation – Sandton, Johannesburg

Batchelor flat - patio reconstruction - Sandton, Johannesburg

Apartment Renovation – Sandton, Johannesburg

Complete reconstruction of the apartment in Sandton 2017
3 weeks work. Euro carpenter project had 4 basic steps:

Steps for apartment renovation in Sandton:

  1. Kitchen renovation
  • removing old kitchen, new water connection, new electrical connection, new cabinets, new appliances, new granite Top, new splash back,
     2. Bathroom renovation 
  • because the customer didn’t want a big mess in his apartment we’ve used the new material Zenolite (made in Australia). We’ve glued this material to existing tiles and we got brand new face of the bathroom.
  • new flooring (Vinyl)
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • vanity
  • ceiling
  • new bath,shower corner, mixer and shower head
     3. New cabinets
     4. New patio
  • plumbing, artificial grass, round wooden window, sliding aluminium windows.
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