Kitchen cabinets adding the finishing touches to a new build home – Bryanston, Johannesburg

Renovned kitchen/dinning room - House reconstruction, Bryanston

Kitchen cabinets adding the finishing touches to a new build home – Bryanston, Johannesburg

New large kitchen

5 weeks work

This New Build Home was spruced up with kitchen cabinets, this project included:

  • Installation of a brand-new large kitchen, with kitchen island and cabinets.
  • 2 brand-new small kitchens, with cabinets.
  • 5 vanity rooms
  • Walk-in cabinet
  • Built-in corner cabinet
  • 4 built-in cabinets
  • 12 solid wood doors

Injecting personality through kitchen cabinets

With the view of injecting their personality into their new build home, the owners of this property also wanted to add value and well-needed storage space. The owners of this house therefore came to European Carpenter looking for a well-rounded carpenter. They needed someone who could provide all the different services they wanted, but to a high standard, they found everything they needed with European Carpenter. With a highly skilled and diversely experienced team, European Carpenter were therefore able to meet every one of this property owners needs. Handling every aspect of the work, from start to finish.

This stunning house transformation took only 5 weeks to complete, with every aspect of the job taken care of, in-house. Therefore meaning there were no problems, no third parties and no time delays. The team at European Carpenter spent time with the home owner to understand exactly the changes they wanted making. From this, they designed the perfect kitchen, vanities and cabinets to really make the house the owners dream home. With the design plans agreed by the excited owner, the team began work. They installed a large brand-new kitchen along with new kitchen cabinets. In addition to adding two smaller kitchens and five vanities. These completed, the team at European Carpenter then installed a stunning walk-in cabinet, a built-in corner cabinet and four other built-in cabinets, in addition to 12 solid wood doors.

The customer wanted to add the finishing touches to their new build home, they achieved this and much more. European Carpenter made their customers design ideas a reality to create a truly breath-taking property.

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