Kitchen Extension – Bryanston, Johannesburg

Property Extensions door after kitchen extension completed - Bryanston, Johannesburg

Kitchen Extension – Bryanston, Johannesburg

Included 1 wooden sliding door and wooden window.

4 weeks work

European Carpenter building works in this Kitchen Extension in Bryanston included:

Wanting to expand upon and redesign the kitchen area, this client was looking for a kitchen extension that would provide more space, but would also work well with the rest of the house, keeping in the tone with the style of the home.  This client, therefore, contacted European Carpenter, who completed the entire kitchen extension in only 4 weeks and to the highest standard.

This home renovation project was completed entirely by European Carpenter and their highly skilled team. Having all of these skills under one roof enabled this kitchen extension to be completed in a timely manner and without any problems. Moreover, it enabled the client to bring their dream kitchen redesign into reality.

To create the stunning kitchen extension this client had envisioned, European Carpenter began by laying the foundations, including a concrete flooring, before proceeding to the brick work, in which all the walls were built. Starting to look more like a kitchen extension now, the wooden sliding doors and matching window were installed, both of which suited the style of the home perfectly and matched the existing windows and doors. Once this was completed, it came time to weather proof the home building work by installing a new roof, again one that matched the style of the house to give the appearance that the kitchen extension was always there and not something that was added later. With this completed, the next process was the aesthetics, which included plastering the walls, tiling the floor and installing a ceiling, in addition to painting both internally and externally.

The finished kitchen extension not only looks beautiful from the inside, but from the outside it matches the home perfectly. With special attention being given to the flawless re-design, the kitchen extension now looks like it has always been a part of the home.

The dream this client had of a bigger kitchen, was not only made a reality, but it was better than the client had ever hoped for.

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