Over the years, the team at European Carpenter have formed a stunning & diverse portfolio of projects that we would love to share with you. Having over 30 years experience in customised kitchens, cabinets, cupboards and all carpentry, we provide a full range of services. As you can see from our below projects, we can tailor our services to bring the dream home our customers have in their mind, to life.

Kitchen remodelling, House Renovation Johannesburg

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets adding the finishing touches to a new build home.

Bespoke Cabinets and Cupboards
Bespoke Luxury Kitchen Bryanston, Johannesburg
Bespoke and elegant kitchen designs - Johannesburg, SA
Kitchen Remodelling of cabinets

Remodelling Kitchen Cabinets

From old to new & modern, remodelling kitchen cabinets to perfection.

Kitchen Remodelling of cabinets - Johannesburg
Kitchen Remodelling of cabinets - closing hinges
Kitchen Design Gallery

Bespoke Modern Kitchen

A design that never goes out of fashion and is as practical as it is beautiful.

Modern and functional kitchen gallery
Kitchen - Modern and elegant kitchen gallery
Kitchen Design Gallery - Lightning and movable shelves

Functional kitchen design

With drawers that can store up to 40kg and cupboards you can pull out.

New Kitchen Designs
Kitchen island
Luxury Bathrooms Johannesburg

Luxury Bathroom

Providing the ultimate relaxing environment, unwind in your own luxury bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation, Vanity Cabinet and sink
Luxury Bathrooms Designs Johannesburg
Modern customised bar by European Carpenter


Home Entertainment Bar

Complete with lights and speakers, bringing the bar experience into the home.

Modern Bar with fireplace by European Carpenter
Customised Bar Speaker Feature
Custom Bar - functional tap
Customised Bar - Lightning and dishwasher feature
Custom Bedroom cabinets


Beautiful Built In Cupboards

Nothing can transform your bedroom like high quality built in cupboards.

Built-in cupboards - Bedroom, Bryanston, Johannesburg
built-in bedroom cupboards
Bedroom - walk-in wardrobe and drawing system


Bedroom Walk-in Cupboards

Maximum storage and organization with a walk-in wardrobe and drawing system.

Bedroom Walkin Cupboard
Bedroom walk-in wardrobes - drawers
Bedroom - walk-in wardrobe and drawing system


Bespoke Built In Cupboards

Beautiful & Modern Cupboards in Grey Matt, drawers with soft hinges for smooth closing.

Bedroom Walkin Cupboard
Bedroom walk-in wardrobes - drawers
Bedroom - walk-in wardrobe and drawing system


Beautiful Walk-In Cupboards

Creating maximum space with this stunning Walk In Wardrobes.

Bedroom Walkin Cupboard
Bedroom walk-in wardrobes - drawers
Bathroom Vanity - petrol blue high gloss cabinets


Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Beautiful petrol blue high gloss cabinets.

Bathroom Vanity - stunning gloss cabinets-2
Bathroom Vanity gloss cabinets
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