Small kitchen ideas: how to get the most out of your small kitchen redesign

When it comes to kitchen redesign and kitchen renovation, European Carpenter are not only vastly experienced, but they are skilled at getting the most out of your space. Regardless of how small your kitchen might be. A small kitchen can be just as practical and just as stunning as a larger kitchen, if it is well-designed and thought out. Here we will show you some of the many ways you can make the most out of your small kitchen design with some of our innovative small kitchen ideas.

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Kitchen Renovation for your small kitchen design

If you were considering renovating rather than redesigning your kitchen space, there are lots of things you can do to make your small kitchen design look much bigger and more spacious. These include:

  • Remove any dropped ceilings: you would be surprised at how many kitchens have false dropped ceilings, especially those that have spotlights built into the ceiling. Removing this dropped ceiling can add up to a metre or two of extra height to the room, which isn’t a lot, but it does make the room look and feel airier and brighter.
  • Install decorative lighting: this is easier to do during a kitchen renovation that it is a redesign as then you can install whatever lighting, wherever you like. Inset lights are great because they are built into the walls and ceilings, creating more space, but pendants and hanging lights can create a stunning look.

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Kitchen redesign and small kitchen ideas

For those of you thinking of a kitchen redesign rather than a full renovation, there’s still plenty you can do to utilise the space you have. Here are some simple, yet effective ideas:

  • Think about your colour scheme, some colours make a room feel bigger, whereas others can make a room feel smaller and more claustrophobic. Colour schemes like black and white, that contrast with one another are great, adding more dimension and depth to the kitchen design. In fact, any light and dark colours contrasting together are a great choice.
  • Picture your kitchen tools as art: think of your knives and other cooking tools as artwork and find a way to display them that looks aesthetically pleasing. For example, attaching your knives to the kitchen wall using a magnetic strip, will not only free up counter space and utilise wall space. But it will also make the room look more eye-catching.
  • Add plants: inject some life into your kitchen with some growing plants. They make a room look and smell fresh and they bring movement and life into the room, which is great for small kitchen design.

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Kitchen redesign and storage

  • Install open shelving: if your kitchen is small, you need to make the most out of every bit of space, especially wall space. It is amazing how many people struggle with a small kitchen, but have unused, open walls that they could use. This will add more storage to your room, potentially even doubling your storage space. If you don’t like open shelving, or it doesn’t fit into kitchen redesign style, you can add cabinets instead of open shelving. If your room is an odd shape or size, custom cabinetry may be a better option for you, helping you to use every inch of wall space.
  • Consider glass doors on your cabinets and cupboards: while it is nice and looks much tidier to have everything hidden away. Glass doors to offer an airier feel to a small room, your eyes will look through the glass and to the back of the cabinet, giving a feel of more space and dimension.
  • Use vertical and corner storage: there are lots of small places in our kitchen that is dead space, i.e. we don’t use because it is small or we aren’t sure how to utilise it better. This is where corner cabinets and vertical storage solutions can make all the difference.

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Kitchen redesign and kitchen renovation with European Carpenter

European Carpenter have years of experience in designing and creating stunning kitchens in both large and smaller spaces. Our team not only understand the style you hope to achieve, but can design a kitchen that is perfect, before bringing that design to life. To discuss your small kitchen design or for more small kitchen ideas, contact one of our expert members of staff.

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