Built In Bedroom Cupboards

Our bespoke and designer bedroom built in cupboards are high-quality, tailor-made and ooze sophistication, helping to bring your perfect bedroom design to life.

Our bedroom cupboards will make your vision of a relaxing retreat, a reality

The team at European Carpenter are skilled at designing and creating stunning cupboards, wardrobes and dressing rooms, to suit the style of your bedroom. From designing, creating & installing, we take a personal approach, understanding exactly what you want and need from your bedroom. We make sure that your bedroom not only provides you with the storage space you need but also reflect your style.

We provide all of our customers with a full management service that is second-to-none, with robust and high-quality cabinets that are made to stand the test of time. We design the perfect bedroom cabinets, built in wardrobes, dressing rooms and/or walk-in wardrobes, to suit the style you want to create, sized to maximise the space in the room. 

Bespoke Bedroom Built In Cupboards
Custom Bedroom Built In Cupboards and Wardrobes JHB
Luxury Bedroom Built In Cupboards

Types of bedroom cupboards European Carpenter provides:

With decades of experience creating the perfect bedroom cupboards, our team at European Carpenter takes pride in creating robust, high-quality and simply stunning wardrobes.

We can design and create a full range of bedroom cupboards, including but not limited to:

Bedroom Built in Cupboards - Johannesburg, Gauteng

Built in cupboards

Do you want your bedroom cupboards to blend into your design instead of standing out? We can make your cupboards become part of your bedroom, instead of an addition to the room.

Bedroom Walk In Cupboards - Johannesburg Gauteng

Walk In Wardrobes

Always wanted to step into your wardrobe? Well now you can. Our walk in wardrobes have fantastic storage and make picking out your clothes, much easier and much more pleasurable.

Walk through wardrobes - Johannesburg, Gauteng

Walk through wardrobes

Like the walk-in wardrobes, our walkthrough wardrobes allow you to step into your wardrobe to choose your clothes. Our walk through wardrobes are designed as a walk way, adding that extra wow factor to the room.

Bedroom Luxury Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms

Our stunning dressing rooms are designed to give you not just somewhere to store your clothes, but somewhere you can get ready. Like our other cupboard and wardrobe options, our dressing rooms are completely tailored and bespoke to you.

What process is involved when installing built in bedroom cupboards?

The process will vary depending on your requirements. We begin with a one-to-one consultation, either in our showroom or in your own home, where we take the time to understand what you want and also what you can have, in the space available. We then design and create the perfect cupboards or wardrobes for you, before installing these into your bedroom.


Our built in bedroom cupboards are perfect for:

Renovations: if you are renovating your bedroom, it is the perfect time to think about installing built in, walk in or walk through wardrobes, as well as a dressing room. This way you can make sure that the wardrobes perfectly fit into the design of the room, instead of standing out, like most stand-alone wardrobes do.

Replacement wardrobes: if you are just looking to replace your wardrobes, then this is the perfect service for you. We can provide you with bespoke bedroom wardrobes that perfectly match the style and design of your bedroom.

New home installations: every new home needs a bedroom wardrobe or two, so why not integrate it into the bedroom design before you start building? This way you can achieve the perfect wardrobe or dressing room design, with suitable storage, in every bedroom of your new home.

European Carpenter, providing a truly bespoke service

At European Carpenter we take pride in providing our customers the highest-quality bespoke service possible. We will make the time to understand what you want and need from your built in bedroom cupboards and we will create a design that suits your lifestyle perfectly.

With a showroom in Johannesburg, we welcome you to take a look at some of our other work and speak to one of our specialist designers, appointments are available on request. Alternatively, we are happy to come out to your property, to see the space you want to work with and understand your needs to make sure we can bring your dream into reality.

To book a home visit, contact one of our expert team members now.

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