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European Carpenter Kitchens Johannesburg create innovative, beautiful and functional kitchens in both, classic and contemporary styles.

Add the wow-factor to your kitchen and value to your home, with a unique custom kitchen design or renovation that suits your style preferences.

The kitchen is one of busiest rooms in the house. In many ways it is the heart of the home, it is the room the family gets together to cook, eat and spend quality time with one another. Which is why is it is important that the kitchen is comfortable, fully functional and fitting with the style of your home. 

The team at European Carpenter have years of experience designing and installing bespoke kitchens to suit the style and needs of our customers and their home. From the design through to the finish, all work is completed in-house by the European Carpenter team, to the highest quality and European standards, using the best materials. Our kitchen designs bring the style of your home together, helping you to get the most out of your space and ensure your kitchen is fully functional and fun to use. 

Kitchens Johannesburg - Large Modern White Kitchen
Kitchens Johannesburg - Modern Family Kitchen
Kitchens Johannesburg - Modern Kitchen Cabinets Remodelling

European Carpenter, with you every step of the way

There are three main steps in any kitchen redesign or renovation: Design – Supply – Installation.  Usually, people wanting to give their home a new kitchen, will need to hire separate companies for each of these stages or take care of one or two of these stages by themselves. Fortunately, European Carpenter can help you with each and every one of these stages, saving you time and money. We will understand what you need and want from your kitchen and we will bring this to life, no need for any external contractors and no need to do any of the work yourself. 

  • Design: making decisions on style, functionalities, features, etc. and creating a design that works well, in the space available. After speaking to you first to understand your needs, we use the latest technology to create designs that help you to envision what your kitchen would look like.
  • Supply: Finding the materials, of the best quality, but at the best price. We take care of all of this for you, our stock range is diverse, we have a selection of suppliers and we can custom-make pieces too. 
  • Installation: No need for a plumber, electrician or plasterer, European Carpenter can completely install your kitchen, in-house. With a range of qualified professionals, we can handle all the work associated to the installation of your new kitchen.

Excellent service and highest quality are our priority!

From the design, to the materials, to the installation, everything we do is to the highest-quality, helping you to keep your kitchen looking newer, for longer. We are confident in our work, which is why our work and materials come with a guarantee.  The range of European Carpenters guarantees include:

  • 5- year Workmanship Guarantee: all the workmanship completed on your kitchen design is guaranteed for 5 years, so if something were to go wrong, you’re covered. 
  • 1-10 years Material Guarantee: the length for the materials guarantee is between 1 and 10 years, depending on what material it is.
  • 5- year FGV Hinges Guarantee: the hinges we use in our kitchen cabinets come with a 5-year guarantee.

We give you peace of mind that your kitchen will remain problem-free and looking new, for as long as possible.

Kitchens Johannesburg

If you would like to discuss your kitchen redesign or renovation, have questions about our services, or would like to find out more, contact us. One of our specialists will reply to your query, we aim to respond within 48 hours (72 hours over the weekend). 


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