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More recently, we’ve been reminded of how important the home office is, which is why garage to home office conversions have seen a sudden growth in popularity. Make a space in your home for your new home office.

Create your new home office retreat and make working from home, easier and more fun than ever before.

The highly skilled team at European Carpenter are vastly skilled in designing and creating stunning and practical home offices that include all amenities a home office could need. Our team will work with you to understand exactly what you want from your home office space, they will measure up the space they have to work with and they will design an office that is perfectly tailored to your needs and your home design preferences.

Once you have agreed the design of your home office conversion, our team will take of every aspect of the conversion for you. From a robust and reliable electrical supply, to a bathroom and tea making facilities, the vastly experienced team here can take care of every aspect of your home office conversion, without needing to outsource to any external contractors. This not only saves you time and money, but it gives you peace of mind that all details of your home office conversions is being take care of by a professional. All our team have the necessary skills and qualifications and collectively, they have decades experience.

garage to home office conversions Johannesburg
home office conversions Johannesburg

What types of home offices can European Carpenter create?

The simple answer to this, is any type of home office you need. The team at European Carpenter design the office space exactly to your needs and the space of the room. They can create their own storage options in whatever size you need, any desk or workspace you require, they can bring any dream home office to life.

The different types of home office spaces we can create include, but are not limited to:

home office conversion - office cabinets

Professional offices

For people like lawyers who require not just an office space, but somewhere to entertain clients and storage space for sensitive files.

professional home office conversion


For people like craftsmen and women, and people who work with their hands. This can include an area for drawing up blueprints, an IT section, and a tools and workspace section, whatever you are building, we can make a perfect space for you to work in.

Walk through wardrobes - Johannesburg, Gauteng

Relaxing retreats

For professionals like masseurs, hairdressers, yoga instructors etc.

 Office conversions for hobby at home


If your profession is also your hobby, for example, you could be a professional chef, musician or artist, we can create a space that has the perfect lighting, space, storage and all the amenities you could need.

What process is involved when it comes to a garage to home office conversion?

home office - convert unused space to an office

The process begins by us simply understanding what it is you are trying to create and for what purpose. We will then schedule in a time and day to come to the property and measure up the space we have. Of course, you are welcome to ask any questions you have at any point during this process.

With measurements and a clear understanding of what you need, our designers will collaborate to design a space that has everything you need, customising any areas they need too, to make the space perfect for you. Once the design has been agreed, our professionals will work with you to choose the materials, and they will schedule in a day to begin work. You will receive an estimate of how long we expect the work to take, and will continue to communicate with you throughout the entire process so you know that we are working to schedule.

Other home office space conversions

If you do not have a garage, or you do have one but you are using it, then you can convert lots of other areas of your home into a useful, gorgeous home office. Other areas in your home that we can convert into a home office include:

The loft/attic: the loft space in any home is usually big, providing a lot of space for your home office. With the option of installing windows and skylights, they can be quite light and airy, and often have the most spectacular views of the entire home. Which is why the loft, or attic, space, can often make for the most relaxing of home offices.

A spare bedroom: probably the most obvious choice for a home office conversion is the spare room.

Basement: A basement space can work almost as well as an attic space. It is more difficult to install windows for natural lighting, however, there are enough lighting options to make the room bright enough for you to work in. Like the attic, the basement is separated somewhat from the home, giving you the space and peace you need to focus.

Shed: if you have a large shed, this could be turned into a wonderful home office space.

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