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Kitchen countertops that redefine your kitchen entirely

Kitchen Worktops: Quartz – Marble – Granite

Whether you are looking to brighten up your kitchen, or to redefine it completely, installing new kitchen countertops is an excellent way to add the wow-factor.

Your kitchen work surfaces are what stands out the most in the kitchen, they are large and dominating and they draw your eye.  So just by changing the countertops alone, you can be left feeling like you have had a complete kitchen redesign. If you are intending to completely redesign your space, then new kitchen countertops is an absolute must-have. European Carpenter are home to a stunning selection of kitchen countertops, including quartz countertops and marble countertops.

Quartz worktop kitchen countertop
Kitchen marble countertop, quartz worktop
Kitchen Countertops - quartz worktop

New kitchen countertops for your kitchen design

If you decide to replace your kitchen work surfaces then you need to think of this as an investment.  If you buy cheap work surfaces they might look nice for a while, but they will quickly become scratched, marked and potentially even damaged from the pressure of a busy kitchen.  Spending a little more money to buy higher-quality kitchen countertops gives you peace of mind that they will last for as long as you need them too. Our kitchen countertops are made using the finest materials, they are robust and durable, and built to last.  What is more is they also retain their new appearance for longer, to keep your kitchen looking brand-new, for as long as possible.

Available in a beautiful selection of colours and patterns, we will have a kitchen countertop that suits your style.  Choose from our quartz and marble kitchen work surfaces.

Quartz Countertops


Our breath-taking array of quartz countertops are renowned for their strength and elegance. Extremely high quality, while remaining completely affordable, this selection of quartz countertops are durable and tough.  Perfect for busy kitchen areas, they are resilient and rarely show signs of wear and tear.

Our quartz countertops meet the National Safety Foundation and the American Greenguard standards and are made to the highest quality.  Not only are they highly scratch resistant and impact resistant, but they also provide maximum hygiene.

Why choose our quartz countertops?

Here are some of the many ways these Quartz countertops stand out from their competitors:

  • 90% + purity: these quartz work surfaces have an extremely high purity, made from 90%-93% natural quartz.  This ensures they are durable and consistently strong.
  • Made using state-of-the-art technology: which provides a density average of 2.45 ton/m3. This ensures the stone is free from air and contaminants, which produces a more dense and durable work surface.
  • Precision: these quartz countertops are made precisely to measurements, within 0.3mm.
  • Consistent: because of the manufacturing process, each countertop is the same, which helps you to create a consistent design.
Quartz countertops - high-impact resistance
Quartz countertops - high scratch resistance
Quartz countertops - maximum hygiene
Quartz countertops - natural beauty

Available Quarz Kitchen Countertops Colours

Granite Countertops


Granite is a timeless and unique material that is sure to add a luxury feel to any kitchen. The ideal choice for a kitchen countertop, granite is designed to last a lifetime, it is water resistant, as well as stain and scratch resistant, which helps to keep the granite looking newer for longer. Another benefit of granite is that is requires minimal maintenance and is easy to keep clean, making it much more hygienic than other kitchen worksurface materials. A stunning material, granite is sleek and polished and is so beautiful that our photographs below, can’t do it justice. And as it is completely natural, every piece of granite is different, no two pieces of granite are the same, helping you to achieve a truly unique look to your kitchen.

A natural material, granite is available in a range of colours which means you are sure to find something that matches your kitchen design. We have shown the colour selections of our granite options below, however, we do ask you to keep in mind that as granite is a natural material, colours may slightly vary.

If you are interested in granite countertop, please contact us and we can arrange a home visit and display the best options and colours.

Marble Countertops


The marble countertops in our vast selection are an excellent alternative to quartz or granite work surfaces. Marble countertops are much more durable and hardwearing than granite surfaces are, making them long-lasting.  However, they are a little softer than quartz so may become a little scratched over time.  What marble countertops do provide in abundance is the wow factor, no design is as stunning or as eye-catching as a real marble surface.  While they may be slightly less durable than quartz, marble countertops offer a striking style no other worksurface can and they are usually cheaper than quartz countertops.

The marble countertops in our selection come in a beautiful choice of colours:

Kitchen worktops by European Carpenter

At European Carpenter we don’t just provide the kitchen work surfaces, but we install them too.  With a diversely skilled team in place we aren’t just carpenters, we also complete all electrical, plumbing, lighting, flooring work as well as providing the finishing touches, like painting.  This means that every process of your kitchen transformation will be taken care of by us, no outside sources needed, making the kitchen redesign process quicker and cheaper.

For more information about the kitchen countertops we provide, or for a free no obligation quote, contact us now.

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