Kitchen Splashbacks

Our Kitchen Splashbacks are not only very appealing, they are lightweight and stronger than glass. A sophisticated solution that improves any kitchen.

Lightweight and stunning to look at, our Splashback collection comes in a range of vivid colours…

The main role of the kitchen splashback is to protect your walls and kitchen surfaces from becoming damaged or stained. Things like food, drinks and grease could ruin painted walls, stain the grouting between the tiles, or even damage the tiles themselves. If you are redesigning your kitchen area, you will want to keep it looking new for as long as possible. Splashbacks are the best way to do this. Our kitchen splashback products are fantastic for fully protecting your kitchen, but also giving it a unique style. 

Kitchen Splashbacks Designs
Kitchen Splashback Black, SA
Modern Kitchen With Splashback, Johannesburg

What are kitchen Splashbacks?


Kitchen splashbacks are hard-wearing panels that are placed behind a cooker or a sink (or any appliance that might splash food or dirty water). They are designed to protect the walls from splashes of food, drink and grease, which can stain the wall or even the tiling.  Resembling one big tile, kitchen splashbacks are made from a material that is much more durable, impact resistant and heat resistant. 

At European Carpenter we provide a full range of kitchen splashbacks. In a wide range of colours and styles, we are sure to have something that suits the style of your kitchen. All of our kitchen splashbacks are made to the highest quality, durable and robust, they come with a 10-year guarantee. 

We not only supply to kitchen splashbacks, but we also fit and install them, completing the entire job for you. Our fully inclusive management services includes designing, installing and completing finishing the job. This means you have peace of mind that you do not need to hire any third party contractors.

Some of the Splashbacks benefits for your kitchen

Wall Protection

Protect the walls and tiles from food, drink and grease stains that cause you to redecorate earlier than you should. 


The kitchen splashback is heat and impact resistant, which means it is not easily damaged.


The kitchen splashback is much more hygienic than painted or tiled walls. They are easy to clean and don’t easily stain or become mouldy. 

Quick installation

Tiling is a time consuming job, installing a kitchen splashback however, is much quicker. 

Cost savings

The kitchen splashback might work out more expensive than tiling.  But because it lasts so much longer, it can save you money to install a splashback. 


Available in a range of colours and styles, the kitchen splashback injects the wow factor into your kitchen. 

European Carpenters Kitchen Splashbacks

If you would like more information about the kitchen splashbacks we provide, or for a free, no obligation quote, contact one of our expert team members now. We will take the time to understand exactly what you need from your kitchen splashback and help you to find something perfect for your kitchen needs and style. 

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