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Providing you a range of kitchen storage solutions to make your kitchen organised, fun-to-use and entirely practical.

At European Carpenter we understand how important kitchen storage solutions are. From storing food, to cooking utensils and equipment and much more, the kitchen houses a lot of stuff. Which is why you need plenty of kitchen storage solutions to not only help you to keep the kitchen organised, but to also make it more enjoyable to use.


When you plan your new kitchen, your kitchen storage solutions should be one of the important things you consider. 

You need to not only make sure your kitchen storage solutions match your design, but you also need to make sure you have enough space to store all of your food and equipment. A good tip is to look at the storage you have now and think, was it enough? Did you find yourself needing more space? Or did you have too much. The next thing you want to think about is what type of kitchen storage solutions you would like. 

Modern Kitchen Storage Solutions

kitchen island storage
  • Corner kitchen storage units: if your kitchen is particularly small, you need to make use of all the space available, this is where corner units are very handy. They may not look massive but they have plenty of space inside for you to store things and their small exterior, means you don’t lose too much of the kitchen space you have.
  • Kitchen Island storage options: kitchen islands are a fantastic way to add countertop space into your kitchen, or a breakfast bar, or both. But kitchen islands aren’t just fantastic for preparing food, they also have a lot of space underneath which can be utilised as storage.
  • Under-counter storage: the most typical kind of kitchen storage are the drawers and cabinets underneath the work surfaces and sink.
  • Wall-mounted cabinets: if you find your under-counter storage isn’t quite big enough to store what you have, then you might want to consider adding wall-mounted cabinets too. These are especially great for small kitchens that don’t have room for additional under-counter storage or a kitchen island.
  • Bespoke kitchen storage: if you are looking for something unique, or you have an unusual shape or sized kitchen, then bespoke kitchen storage is the perfect solution for you. European Carpenter can design kitchen storage that suits your needs, matches your style preferences and utilises all the space you have.

For more advice on choosing the best kitchen storage for you, contact one of our design specialists now.

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